Zirlux Wax

Easy and cost effective wax designed to mill smooth with excelling marginal accuracy and fit

Zirlux Wax discs can be used to efficiently produce wax designs for crown and bridge frameworks with excellent marginal accuracy and fits. Create patterns for full-contour cast or press ceramic restorations and diagnostic wax ups.

  • Burns without residue or odor making it suitable for the preparation of molds in casting and ceramic molding processes
  • Versatility: The forming waxes can be processed with different milling systems
  • Wax milled scaffoldings can be removed using appropriate cutters or by cutting the disc
  • Available in Blue, Grey, and White
  • Sizes available
    • 98.5mm X 12mm, 14mm and 20mm
    • 100mm X 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 20mm

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