Advanced Digital Materials for Esthetic Results.

Regardless of the clinical situation, today’s patients demand an esthetic restoration that matches or exceeds their natural teeth. The Zirlux portfolio enables dental technicians to use the most innovative and quality controlled digital materials available today.

You now have flexibility in the materials you choose to deliver durable, consistent, and predictable esthetic restorations.

Zirlux Transitions

Zirlux® Transitions is a highly esthetic and strong zirconia that uses transitional layered technology to mimic...

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Zirlux Shading Liquids

Zirlux Shading Liquids create highly esthetic, natural looking restorations that blend seamlessly into the surrounding dentition....

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I was losing my confidence in layered Zirconia restoration with all the chipping problems of the layering porcelain. Once Zirlux Zirconia came to market, it has been my go-to restoration, especially in the posterior region. The aesthetics are exceptional and the strength is second to none.

Dr. Tony Mancuso Welland Dental Care Welland, ON