Zirlux 16+ Starter Kit

8-Disc Starter Kit

Start milling pre-shaded zirconia with the Zirlux 16+ Starter Kit. Zirlux 16+ Zirconia delivers exceptional esthetics without adding any additional steps to your production workflow by eliminating the need for coloring liquids or stains.

  • Starter kit comes equipped with 8 discs to match the VITA Classic shade guide (98.5 x 14mm discs in shades A1, A3, B1, B3, C1, C3, D2, and White).
  • Achieve final shades by using a post stain designated for use with Zirconia materials.
  • Zirlux FC2 Characterization Kit is recommended.

*VITA is a registered trademark of Vita Zahnfabrik.

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