Zirlux Transitions

Transitional Layered Zirconia that mimics nature & lifelike esthetics without compromising strength

Zirlux® Transitions is a highly esthetic and strong zirconia that uses transitional layered technology to mimic natural esthetics. Smart Incisal™ Technology incorporates a blueish gray effect on the top third zone of the disc which reduces the white value while also mimics the natural tooth’s blueish gray translucency. This patented technology results in a higher chroma in the cervical area and decreasing chroma towards the incisal area. There is a perfect balance between strength and translucency for anterior and posterior restorations.

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  • 1200MPa
  • 48% translucency
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in all 16 VITA* shades
  • 16 classic VITA* shades and OM2 bleach shade
  • Compatible with most industry leading dental mills: 98mm x 14mm, 98mm x 18mm, 98mm x 22mm, 98 x 25mm


  • Full-contour anterior and posterior crowns, bridges, inlays & onlays
  • Single tooth and bridge frameworks in the anterior and posterior, up to 14 units


  • Improper framework design

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