How to Program Your Sintra Plus or Novux Furnace for Zirlux 16+

September 10, 2018

Below we broke down step by step instructions on how to program either the Shenpaz Sintra Plus or the Novux NXS-Plus, specifically for the Zirlux 16+ pre-shaded disc 4-step program.

  1. Turn the switch on the back of the furnace on.
  2. Press the power stand by button.
  3. Press the program button for a list of set programs and scroll down until you see the letter “P” followed by a number and select one of these free programs by pressing enter.
  4. Press menu. Then scroll down and press 3 to edit the program name.
  5. Press the down arrow to the name line and press clear to remove the characters already there.
  6. To select capital letters, press the start button and then the appropriate number for the correct letter.
  7. Press the numbers in accordance with the letters like how texting was on an old flip cell phone. If you make a mistake or go past the letter, you can just keep hitting the number to go through the letter cycle again.
  8. Press enter to save your program name, Zirlux 16+. Since there is a 4-step program for pre-shaded discs as well as a 7-step program, and then a 6-step program for white discs, you will want to complete steps 3 through 9 for each different program.
  9. Press the screen button to get back to the menu screen.
  10.  Press 1 to edit current program in which you will edit the parameters and then hit enter.
  11.  The first parameter that comes up is degassing. Most people don’t use it, but you really should. In order to use it, you need to have the air connected up to the back of the furnace. The value entered here is the starting temperature, however, on the sintering guidelines for Zirlux 16+ the starting temperature is room temperature, so we can skip this step now by pressing the up arrow button.
  12.  The next value you will enter is called heat rate up 1. Here, you will enter 5 degrees per minute according to the sintering chart below. You don’t need to hit enter or any other button except for the up arrow as moving on to the next parameter will save the last.
  13.  The next value is high temp up 1. Here you will enter 1200.
  14.  After you hit the up arrow, it moves on to temp hold up 1. Here is where you will enter 30 minutes according to the sintering chart.
  15.  If you’re programming a multi-step program, which you should be for all the Zirlux 16+ step programs, you will create your second heat rate up now. After entering the temp hold up 1 step, press the step button on the furnace to create the heat rate up 2. Here you will enter 2 degrees per minute.
  16.  Press the up arrow to move to high temp up 2 and enter 1530. Then press the up arrow.
  17.  Now enter 0:00 for temp hold up 2.
  18.  Press the step button in order to enter the third program step. This brings you back to the heat rate up 3. Enter 0.
  19.  Press the up arrow and enter the high temp up 3 value of 1530 again.
  20.  Arrow up and enter 120 minutes for the temp hold up 3.
  21.  The fourth program step involves the natural cooling, so you will press the up arrow to get to heat rate down 1. Hit the clear button to remove all values.
  22.  Press the up arrow to get to cool temp down 1. According to the sintering chart, you should enter 100.
  23.  Press the arrow button for temp hold down 1. You will also want to hit the clear button to remove all values. Again, press the arrow up button.
  24.  You should see ‘active cool.’ You will want to enter 000 at this step for the natural cooling.
  25.  Hit the enter button. After it finishes saving, hit the screen button to back out of the program and hit the menu button. If you want to view the parameter values you entered, you can hit 0 to view them.
  26.  To run the program, you can hit the screen button to back out of the menu options again and then hit start and it will start running.

To store the other Zirlux 16+ sintering programs, you will follow the same steps and just keep repeating steps 13 through 16 until you have entered all of your steps. Just don’t forget to hit that step button between each step!

Below are the program steps for sintering Zirlux 16+:

4 Step Sintering for Zirlux 16+

Program Steps Starting Temperature (°C/Min) Final Temperature (°C/Min) Retention Time Min. Heating Rate (°C/Min)
1 Room Temperature 1200 30 5
2 1200 1530 0 2
3 1530 1530 120 0
4 1530 100 Furnace Cooling


7 Step Sintering for Zirlux 16+

Program Steps Starting Temperature (°C/Min) Final Temperature (°C/Min) Retention Time Min. Heating Rate (°C/Min)
1 Room Temperature 1200 137.5 8
2 1200 1200 30 0
3 1200 1400 100 2
4 1400 1530 32.5 4
5 1530 1530 120 0
6 1530 800 91.25 -8
7 800 150 Natural Cooling


6 Step Sintering for Zirlux 16+ White

Program Steps Starting Temperature (°C/Min) Final Temperature (°C/Min) Retention Time Min. Heating Rate (°C/Min)
1 100 500 160 2.5
2 500 1000 62.5 8
3 1000 1530 132.5 4
4 1530 1530 120 0
5 1530 800 91.25 -8
6 800 150 Natural Cooling

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