Zirlux Acetal – Partial Patient Care Instructions

July 25, 2018

Have your dentists been asking you for patient care instructions for their patients’ Zirlux Acetal partial dentures? We’ve got you covered! You can send your customers the below information to give to their patients.

Cleaning Your Zirlux Acetal Partial

Congratulations! Your Zirlux Acetal partial has been custom made for you by dental professionals to fit comfortably and look natural. With proper care, your appliance should provide years of use.

In order to keep your Zirlux Acetal partial looking as good as new, it is important that you maintain good oral hygiene and take proper care of the appliance.

  • After meals, rinse appliance to remove any food particles.
  • Clean your appliance daily using an antibacterial denture cleanser.
  • Only use a soft bristle brush and scrub gently to avoid damage.
  • Never use any abrasives such as toothpaste or powdered household cleanser to clean your appliance.
  • Handle your appliance with care.
  • Contact your dentist if you experience any discomfort. Your dentist will advise you when to come in for a regular checkup.

Download a copy of the official partial care instructions to give to your patients here!


*Zirlux Acetal partial photo courtesy of Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc. (DAL) of Peoria, IL.

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