Removables On the Rise

November 13, 2017

According to LMT’s Removable Prosthetics survey in their October 2017 issue, 83% of the survey respondents rated their removable business as good or booming and 57% said the business has increased in the past 3 years. When producing flexible partials, labs are able to cut turnaround times and deliver on time with higher quality and expertise. Labs using digital equipment are able to shift technicians from their partials department to other positions where they could make more money and handle the work more efficiently.

Zirlux Acetal is a semi-flexible, tooth-colored material idea for partial denture frameworks and other metal-free removable applications. This material has the ability to power new, highly profitable growth in the removable area. This is because dentists are increasingly prescribing metal-free removable partial dentures. Zirlux Acetal is thinner, more hygienic, and virtually unbreakable. Patients receive a more affordable alternative to other permanent treatments such as veneers or orthodontia and an alternative to invasive dentistry.

Now is the best time to try out Zirlux Acetal and see how you can take advantage of unused capacity in your CAM machines. We’re running a promotion until the end of the year in which you buy 3 Zirlux Acetal discs and receive a 10% discount on your order, marketing materials to customize for your lab, and 1 hour of technical training on Zirlux Acetal. Contact to schedule your training!

What if your lab doesn’t have any digital technology or not ready to make the investment? According to LMT’s survey, 68% of respondents had no digital equipment in their lab because the technology has a high price point, is still a work in progress, or there’s a lack of demand among their dentist customers. However, you still have the ability to offer Zirlux Acetal to your customers and benefit from its business by outsourcing to Custom Milling Center. Visit or call 877-933-6455 to get started.

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