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Zirlux FC2 full-contour zirconia offers dental technicians an efficient and reliable method for producing aesthetic monolithic zirconia restorations. This unique system consists of five
pre-shaded zirconia discs, ten stains, six modifier pastes, and universal glaze. Utilizing these
pre-shaded universal discs, the dental technician is able to simply and consistently produce all 16 Vita A-D shades as well as bleach shades. No dipping or use of coloring liquids is required at any point in the process, helping to ensure the consistent aesthetic outcome. Zirlux FC2 is available in 98.5mm and 100mm discs for milling in-house or available through outsourcing centers as a milled restoration.

Zirlux FC2 Benefits

  • Simple stain and glaze technique
  • High translucency pre-shaded zirconia
  • High Flexural Strength
  • Predictable aesthetic outcome
  • Ease in fabrication
  • Excellent alternative to PFM’s
  • Low wear on opposing dentition

Why Choose Zirlux FC2

Zirconia has become a preferred material of choice, as it offers exceptional strength combined with the beauty that your patients desire. Zirlux FC2 offers your patients an aesthetic all–ceramic alternative to metal restoration that mimics the characterization and translucency of natural teeth. With our pre-shaded universal zirconia discs, Zirlux FC2 provides a consistent shade throughout the entire restoration.
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